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Recently Qazzoo had a client in New York that called with a story that was worth a share. The real estate agent is in New York City. Anyone that knows anything about New York City knows that it is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. The real estate market is not just hot. It is on fire and the competition is as tough as the people that call NYC home.

The real estate agent joined Qazzoo in order to generate more business and started unlocking and calling home buyer leads right away. Within a month the real estate agent had about a dozen home buyers and investors who were actively looking for properties and he was ecstatic about the results he was getting. He called his representative at Qazzoo and bumped up to a larger package in order to maximize the results he was enjoying.

smileThat same week we received a call from another agent in the same area of New York. She had access during the same time period as the real estate agent that had just called his representative to report his success. The second agent was not calling to tell us about her success but to cancel. The representative asked what her experience was like and the agent said that no one is getting back to her. The representative asked how many times she was calling her leads and the real estate agent with all the sincerity in the world said that she was texting the buyers and emailing them but was getting no response.

She went on to say that people in New York don’t call on the phone. They text and email and that is how things are done in New York. This is stark contrast to the gentlemen that had just reported that he was having a raging success with access to the same leads in the same area. In fact the first agent said that he was working with a couple of homebuyers that were looking at buying several homes as investments and had one investor looking at purchasing a $30,000,000 hotel from the agent.

So which agent would have the best experience? It is not hard to figure out that the one that took the most proactive approach would get the best results. Qazzoo is designed for proactive real estate agents to connect with proactive homebuyers and sellers. If emailing and texting is the follow up method the results will not be nearly what they could have been and the opportunity is lost. The best part is that we get to pick which results we want by the actions that we take.

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