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If you would rather be sailing or whatever the cliché is in your neck of the woods, you are not alone. We would, most of us anyway be playing tennis, sailing, skiing or whatever the local outdoors provides. The difference between being able to do these things is how we allocate our time and efforts. If we are busy doing the lower return items on our daily things to do list we are going to be sailing less and working more. By working we refer to the hours spent not doing the things we want.

todolistThis means that “work” can range from sitting in traffic to correcting mistakes on paperwork that we have done a thousand times before. Work does not always mean productive and that is what we are trying fix first. Work can be far more productive if we do a couple of really simple things. If we do them we will increase our productive time and spend our additional time doing whatever it is we desire.

  1. Make a list every morning of the tasks we want to accomplish that day. (this does not include picking up laundry or buying lunch)
  2. Strike the things off the list we get done as we do them.

That is all we have to do . It is so simple that we don’t do them. Since nearly no one does…we can make so much more progress. The field is wide open for someone to take advantage of the fact that so few do this small yet very important exercise. The one who does will gain market share within weeks and control a greater portion of their local market within a year. Then you can go “sailing” when you want instead of when you can.


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