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connectionMany real estate agents lose touch with their clients after the transaction has closed. After all, you don’t have a reason to contact your clients after the sale has gone through, right? Wrong! The close of the deal is only the start of your relationship with your clients. There are many ways to continue to serve your clients afterwards, from connecting them to a reputable house painter to thanking them with a small, but thoughtful, gift. Staying in touch takes work, but rest assured, your clients want to hear from you.

If you’ve lost touch with some of your clients, take these steps to reconnect.

  1. Give them a call. It’s as simple as picking up the phone to chat. If you feel comfortable, give them a call, apologize for not calling sooner and remind them of the services you offer. While you’re on the line, listen for a need you can fill. Did they mention they’re thinking of painting the house? Connect them with a housepainter in your network. Are they planning to remodel their kitchen or add a bedroom? Give them the names of reputable contractors you’ve worked with. Finding a way to help is a great way to show you have their best interests at heart.
  1. Send a letter apologizing for the lapse in communication, and add them to your client appreciation program. If you’re shy about calling, a letter is an unobtrusive way to reconnect. Include a marketing flyer to demonstrate the value you’ll provide each month as a service. Once you’ve sent the letter and established contact, follow up with a phone call to ensure they received it. The letter helps you start the conversation so you don’t feel as if you’re making a ‘cold call’ when you call them.
  1. Invite them to coffee. One of the best ways to reconnect with someone is to break bread with them. Meeting them for coffee establishes contact and gives you an opportunity to touch base. You can learn more about what’s going on in their lives, tell them about the local market and remind them that you’re there to serve. Remember to update their information in your CRM when you get to your car.
  1. Send a personal note. A hand-written personal note is a heart-felt way of reconnecting with your clients. Send one after you talk to them over the phone or after coffee to reiterate you enjoy working with them and look forward to providing them excellent service (not to mention remind them you’re never too busy for their referrals). Or, send one to initiate contact again and personally express a commitment to serving them.

When you work by referral, your clients and their referrals are the driving force behind your business. Maintaining contact after the sale is crucial to your success as an agent. Remember, it’s never too late to connect with a client. Who will you reconnect with today?

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