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Some things are constant in the world and especially the Real Estate world.

  1. People make more people
  2. People need shelter
  3. Shelter provides a place for people to make more people

These simple truths that we hold to be self-evident are sometimes overlooked during times when economies lag, by Real Estate stagnation, by the media’s eternal focus on what is negative. Increasing foreclosure statistics, slow markets and so on. The media can make anything sound bad especially during a slow news day, while we are all challenged with making things better. The above noted items are true and have always been true.

Shelter is one of the essentials of life and the American dream is not dead it’s just in need of some encouragement. Pride is just one of the intangibles that create the desire to buy a home. Creating a personal environment, the ability to increase the value of your own asset, building a nest egg with the equity that comes with making payments on the principle balance and or appreciation are additional incentives for people to buy their own home.

These intangibles are often overlooked when the local news needs to fill its broadcast with interesting and captivating information that keeps us from turning the channel and watching a game show.

Game shows are the classic example of hope. People spin a wheel or answer a series of questions in the hope of winning a prize that may change their lives for the better. But game shows are outnumbered by news stories by a 100 to 1 on television. This is because unfortunately hope doesn’t sell quite as well as despair. It would be nice if these two completely opposite approaches to increasing viewership were opposite, but hope doesn’t have the drama or the impact on our lives as misery so hope will lose without us to support it.

By supporting hope and spreading good news faster than bad news we can each make a difference in the lives of those we know and those that we don’t through the 6 degrees of separation that Kevin Bacon is famous for.

Enjoy the New Year and remember to spread hope and good will and do good by doing well.


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