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Sure we at Qazzoo are impressed with the technical advantages of wearable tech as we can get alerts and updates from wearable tech but does anyone think they want to browse through homes on a screen the size of a large watch? It is hard to use some real estate sites on a desktop and downright impossible on our mobile devices. The pics are only one problem, the other and much larger problem is all about functionality. People with pork chop fingers and less than 20/20 vision are at a real disadvantage when it comes to using small screens. And they are not alone. What is impossible for them is plain difficult for the rest of us.

We will see how the whole thing shakes out but making things smaller doesn’t always mean better. Remember the calculator watch? Qazzoo does. Or the pager that was smaller than a pen? Qazzoo remembers that fad that lasted about a week. They were horribly difficult to use even though the technology was really cool at the time they were introduced. So a computer on our wrists doesn’t really appeal to everyone. We have seen people wearing Google Glass but we think that is more a “Hey look at me” thing than a useful functioning tool at this point.


Any way we slice it, it is hard to imagine a watch sized screen that gives us what we want unless we really squint hard and look into the future. Stylists can help but what is the point of having a really small device that requires another device to use it? That is why Qazzoo whole heartedly believes that the future is in flex screens, expandable screens and projection screens and is not in making the computer fit into our eye as we talked about with our friends in junior high.

Qazzoo can hear the conversation between two people looking for a new home and it sounds like “Hey, Honey look at this beautiful home on my wrist device” which is quickly followed by “It looks sort of small” which is then followed by laughter until that gets old. A better solution would be to expand the image using a flex device, expandable or projection device and that is when wearable tech will rock.


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