Q A Z Z O O . C O M


champagneWouldn’t it be better if selling homes was more like dating in a singles bar in the 1970’s?

I wasn’t really around in the heady days of the singles scene when champagne,  cocaine and free sex flowed like water. But I did see Studio 54 on cable TV.

Anyway the idea is to go to where the buyers and sellers are and not chase down leads that never turn into transactions. This is why Qazzoo exists in the first place. It is where the buyers and sellers are located and it’s like going to the beach and finding out that there is a bathing suit contest. You get to see what you want and not see what you don’t want. This is why Qazzoo shows the entire list of buyers and sellers and lets the real estate agent or lender decide who they want to work with.

Not only is the list available to search but the real estate professional can see more details about the buyer by clicking on the “more details” button and seeing all the pertinent information about the potential buyer or seller. Sellers are interesting because they will need to buy a home and they represent the potential of two separate transactions. Many agents use Qazzoo so that they can maximize this in advance notification that they want to buy a home but they first need to sell their current home.


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