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Today we are going to talk about real estate leads and service industries. I took the time to go to businessdictionary.com and search “service industry” to get the official definition, it states “an industry made up of companies that primarily earn revenue through providing intangible products and services.” So what this is really saying is a company that provides a service, instead of a physical product, to make its money. Industries that are considered service industries are REAL ESTATE, financial services, restaurants, landscaping, tourism, advertising, maid services, and many more.

Well for the world of Real Estate that means that you should be working your leads, following up, and providing a good service. Under no circumstance should you be taking the home buyer and home seller leads you receive for granted. Just remember you provide a service, and if you are not getting the job done, or the real estate lead doesn’t think you are, they can choose someone else. The one problem with a service industry is companies and people who provide a service are in a very large supply.

I don’t know about you guys but when I go to a new restaurant I haven’t been to before I tend to give it two strikes, I will go once, and then again sometime within the next six months. Generally if I have a great experience the first time that place will become part of my list of places I visit, but if it’s the opposite it gets one more shot a few months down the road to earn me back. The whole reason I wait a length of time is A, to give them time to get the right staff in place, B, to get the menu down, and C, to get the atmosphere established.

waitedNow I will tell you there are several places in Annapolis, MD that I refuse to go to, I had a bad experience there, and then it was followed up by another bad experience. Well the same can go for Real Estate, first impressions are everything, but sometimes the person you are calling your homebuyer or home seller lead may decide to give you another chance and pick you to sell or assist them in buying a home. On July 17, 2013 we posted about Why Homebuyers Use Qazzoo, well in that post was a story about poor service in Real Estate. Trust me when I say this, if you are one of those agents that take your clients for granted they will not be your clients for long, I know too many great real estate professionals that would be more than willing to assist them and make them feel comfortable through the whole process.

Consider real estate professionals like a restaurant, if you walk in and the wait is too long, or the service seems terrible, you can simply get up and leave to go somewhere else, well, the same goes to those real estate professionals that provide poor service, are hard to get in contact with, whatever the reason, that homebuyer or home seller has no obligation to you, they can simply decide to “fire” you and work with a different real estate professional.

Moral of the story is, treat every real estate lead that comes your way like a piece of coal that needs to be polished into a diamond, it may take time but eventually it will pay off, its takes time and dedication and only the ones  that provide a great service will be truly successful!


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