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Do we ever go to Vegas with the expectation of winning?

Most people don’t but some people do and those are normally the ones that come home broke and wondering why they have a feeling of shame. The truth is that Vegas has the odds in their favor and bucking those odds doesn’t normally lead to a happy experience. The same holds true with Real Estate leads no matter the source. If we go in thinking that we are going to beat the odds and that each lead should turn into a deal we are setting ourselves up for a rather shameful feeling. The real estate business is tough enough without trying to make possible what is truly not possible.

To add an extra degree of difficulty to a  problem is not as static as a spinning wheel with a little white ball bouncing around it. People do the most unexpected things. Spend 5 minutes on YouTube and the mystery of people will not be any clearer.vegas

“Real Estate is a numbers game” if you only had a quarter every time you heard that expression you would be retired and living in the south pacific drinking coconut milk with no other worries than what SPF to use today.

But until then we are forced to see real estate leads for what they are. They are people who have expressed an interest in buying a home or land or some form of real estate. The itch that they feel is not always long-lasting. Sometimes it comes and goes and we have to hit them when it is on them and then make the itch turn into a full-blown rash by pointing out the benefits to buying a home from you. Not buying a home from the next person that they contact or the next website that they see. Buying a house from YOU and making that commitment to buying it sooner rather than later.

What real estate leads do to undo all the work that you have done is impossible to measure so we have to try to contain them as best we can or they will go off the track and buy that new car, sign another lease or do whatever they shouldn’t do because we didn’t contain their desire to scratch their own itch. People want surety and it is our job to provide that surety whenever possible. The average buyer expects us to be both financial advisor as well as spiritual counselor. This is a tough position to be placed in but the best of us are able to balance the responsibilities of both worlds while keeping the majority of our clients on the proper track.

It isn’t easy but it’s better than the odds you get in Vegas.


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