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The Guy Fieri Effect

So as we continue to generate and provide real estate leads to thousands of real estate professionals across the country Thanksgiving approaches and things start to slow up as the world gets ready to do some damage to the turkey population across the country. Our office has a tradition that goes back to before the settlers landed on that rock. We eat early. Between driving real estate leads and sending real estate leads we dress up several tables with thanksgiving goodies. Then we make the staff wait and take in the smells of the holiday. This seems to spur their collective energy to pound out existing channels and find new channels of real estate leads because there is no turkey until they have hit their daily goals. It’s like food torture but it works, so we call it motivation.

What can you say about pigging out in the office on turkey and all the fixins the day before you are supposed to pig out on turkey and all the fixins? “Awesome” comes to mind and productivity is the result of this awesomeness.

Everyone brought something. Wendy brought beans and ham, which rocked, Bill brought his famous glazed ham and the tech department brought their forks and appetites. Come to think of it? I don’t think they brought any forks? Fabian brought the same ferociously good deviled eggs that he makes each year, which tantalize your taste buds and remind you that next year you have to get to the buffet before tech arrives like locusts.

I screwed up this year and was polite and let everyone else fill their plates and missed out on the deviled eggs. This will not happen next year!
This reminds me of the critic that wrote the recent piece on Guy Fieri’s new restaurant in Time Square, and internet reviews in general. What a terrible system we have online. We can write whatever we want about anyone we want and there are no repercussions.Jim surprised us all by brining spinach dip for the eighth year in a row. Who would have expected such consistency and dedication to the often maligned vegetable? By selflessly evangelizing spinach every single time we do a pot luck, Jim is single handedly helping spinach farmers and promoting good health at the same time. You don’t need Popeye when you have a Jim in the house. Of course spinach dip may be the only food product he can produce?

As an example of this is that online reviews are on average 30% fictitious. Without making a huge intellectual leap you can guess that those reviews are either overly negative or over the top positive. Either way they completely skew the truth and leave the reader in the dark about what to think or believe about a particular restaurant, website, movie, whatever. Qazzoo doesn’t have anything posted about us that is remotely negative but it is a matter of time and we know it so we are prepared for the worst but still hoping for the best. As we believe the internet will mature and sarcasm and bitter snipping will go the way of Myspace. Speaking of Myspace. Did that not suck in several different ways. I mean come on with the teenage plugins and lack of consistency. Most sites looked like a 12 year old girl was given a free hand to decorate her bedroom…with a sound system thrown in just in case your eyes were not assaulted enough, it could render you deaf with music you didn’t ask for. Oops there I go doing the same thing. So maybe it hasn’t died out yet. But we have hopes?

This was supposed to be humorous so if you work at Myspace or have a Myspace page please take no offense and remember that I wear a hearing aid and glasses….because of your Myspace page!

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