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Let’s face it, before just about every major purchase, consumers turn to the internet for advice.

If you are Realtor, you just have to understand this. And there are things you can do about it without any technical skills at all. Here is an example:

Joe Homebuyer begins their search on google with terms like –  homes for sale in Chicago  ,  Annapolis school system reviews  ,  Top Realtors in Palm Beach  ,  hottest real estate markets in the Mid – Atlantic .  Many of these questions and thousands of others just like them are being answered by real estate professionals on websites, blogs and online forums all over the country.

Tip – Increase you reach by posting original content that is useful to your audience, share that content in the social streams and engage.

Homebuyer leads are out there to find, or better yet, homebuyers are out there to find you –

Real Estate agents that are answering homebuyer questions and putting their brand out there as an authoritative voice in real estate on a consistent basis typically equate into the Realtors that have the largest reach. All this translates to being found by google. If you purchase Real Estate Leads, here is how all this can help.

Being a savvy and knowledgable Realtor, you post original content that homebuyers can find useful consistently to your blog.  And since you actively engage and answer questions asked by homebuyers on forums and other real estate websites that attract homebuyers, you increase your reach and chances of getting found on google.

Let’s assume you are calling a real estate lead you have either purchased or have been referred to. In most instances, after your initial contact, that future homebuyer is going to google your name and check you out. Given the example above, when a potential client googles your name, you will have the appearance of an authoritative figure, getting listed all over the first page of google. On the flip side, if you don’t engage in the social streams, you will have zero search results.

The impression a future homebuyer gets from a simple google search could have a strong impact on winning a new client.



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