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If your winter was like most Real Estate professionals it was not the best time to enjoy the free time we normally get while the real estate market and the real estate leads themselves come to slower pace. Then we have Spring which was a nice change this year regarding the volume of Real Estate transactions  and the generation of hard-core real estate leads. But spring was nothing compared to this summer breaking on us now. People are more comfortable with the economy and therefore more comfortable with the prospect of buying a new home.  This turn in the market is  a welcome change for those of us in the Real Estate market and the improvement in the real estate market is also being seen in the ancillary industries that are a part of the market even tangentially. Industries such as new home construction, furniture dealers and even the automotive industry is seeing positive effects.

ad4985d2-eb16-4571-9ad2-04e3dec0f59e_1Summer brings to mind my uncle saying to me “Ya better make hay while the sun is shining”. He was like most uncles I assume. Full of keen advice and generous in delivering it to you when you least want to hear it. This small fact of his sharing his wisdom doesn’t however reduce the value this little nugget. Many of the others of anecdotal clichés are to remain in the family and most have something to do with one of his many divorces. But as I said he was my uncle and I suppose that comes with the territory. He had no idea about the Real Estate industry but he was involved with the construction industry with rehabbing homes and building decks and what not. The thing that always surprised me was that he constantly bragged about not advertising while at the same time constantly borrowing money and complaining about his lack of business.

“I work on referral only” he said proudly. I would wonder who is this referral guy that my Uncle works for? He should pay my Uncle better!

But that was then and this is now and we are in a stage of the market that has been very good for some of us while others are still struggling to generate quality real estate leads. Take (part of) my Uncle’s word for it and make hay while the sun is shining and start generating more leads than you need and you will never be in a spot where you are working for this Mr.Referral fella. He is inconsistent and doesn’t put you in control of your own business. He is fickle and sometimes doesn’t show up when you need him. If only my Uncle knew that.


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