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This weekend was the last weekend in June and it was a hot mess for those on the eastern seaboard. What the heck was all that rain about? And it is not ending any time soon. The forecast is for rain all this week. That means it is going to rain through the entire week of the 4th of July. That sort of sucks for those of us who are on vacation but if you were a farmer the rain is a mighty fine thing.

It all depends on your perspective.

As real estate professionals aren’t we all farmers of some type? We sow the seeds of growing our business and then we wait patiently and tend to our plantings while waiting to harvest our new crops.rain

The need to keep it raining on a regular basis is absolutely essential to keep our crops growing. Rain comes in the form of new business that nurtures our field of homes to sell.

Question: So when is there too much rain/too many real estate leads?

Answer: Never. In the worst case scenario you have to refer some out or just choose to work with the most immediate buyers so that you are able to work on your future crops only when time permits.

Real Estate leads are an essential part of doing business, let alone grow your business.

Some real estate pros believe that they only want the best leads and not deal with the questionable ones.

If someone can tell the difference between who is going to buy and who is not before speaking to them I believe they would qualify as a psychic. Which most of us are not. Skeptic perhaps. Psychic…not so much, but it would be nice!

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