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Another Rain analogy? Is that necessary?

“Making it Rain” is a term of some ill repute in some circles and not completely understood in others. For the record “Making it Rain” is the term that Aaron Hernandez made famous with his hand gestures after each time he scored as the New England Patriots star tight end. At this point you either know who he is or you don’t watch the news at all. For our purposes we are going to forget about Aaron for a second and focus on how people get others to “make it rain”. The answer is kind of interesting and there is a message somewhere in here for all of us who want to make it rain in our own lives.

moneyTo make a long story short (I swear I didn’t know this until I was told at work by one of my colleagues…I swear) it turns out that when men go to a bar that has dancing women the goal of the women is to excite the crowd and when they do a superior job men walk up to the stage and throw handfuls of cash in the air and let the money separate and rain down on the girl dancing.

This, I did not know for some time but it appears to be a fad that has become common knowledge. Now before I go any further, I am not comparing us to dancers at a bar but I am comparing rain making to talking about real estate. Talking doesn’t get anyone excited enough to let the rain flow. But communicating the promise of the value and attributes of the new home will make it rain. It is not sales as much as communication styles.

“The house has four bedrooms and 2.5 baths is true but not thrilling”

“This incredible home offers four over-sized bedrooms and two and a half wonderfully appointed baths”

The first will communicate the truth but will not elicit the same degree of interest. And that interest leads to offers and that leads to closings. This is what the dancing-girls inherently know that sometimes we forget.

Even when at a restaurant, I tend to order the item that has the best description. As far as I know they probably make the worst thing on the menu sound the best just to get it sold before it spoils but it works on me. One of my favorites was when I ordered a quesadilla that was on special that evening.

“Wonderfully seasoned beef smothered in cheese and grilled to perfection”

badquesadillaLittle did I know it was last nights’ meatloaf smothered in Kraft singles and grilled in a microwave. If you have never have had a meatloaf quesadilla, you have no idea how bad it can be. It is a new level of awfulness. A completely new high in low.  But they made it rain and I was the one that was caught up in the hype and lost any designs on good judgment.

I don’t mean that miss leading is the answer. But I do mean that getting someone to be interested in what you have to offer is 90% of the battle.


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