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qazzoo siteWe are proud to have connected thousands of real estate professionals with home buyers and sellers over the last several years. If you are interested in buying a home there is literally no place better than going directly to the source. The source of information is the local real estate agents and loan officers. There are too many websites that offer information about homes and the issue that many buyers face is that real estate websites for whatever reason have data that is either old or inaccurate.  The average real estate website many times will not update properties on their site so that they appear to have more properties than their competitive sites. This may seem harmless but the system of puffing data has been around for years and it is hard to police. The downside is when a home buyer falls in love with a home that is either not for sale or has been sold. This is why Qazzoo doesn’t have properties on the site or the search engine. If a buyer is serious they want to go to the source and that source will always be the local agent that knows what properties are on the market and what properties are coming on the market soon. This is an advantage that a large-scale national site will never be able to offer. Create your profile on Qazzoo and get the best information from the best source instead of bouncing around the internet trying to find which properties are absolutely for sale and which are not. Just click on the link on the Front Page labeled “Are you a Consumer” and let the work get done by those that are paid to do it and get the skinny on the properties in your area. Qazzoo is always looking to help and the more feedback we get the better. Please feel free to contact us at CS@Qazzoo.com and let us assist you too.


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