Q A Z Z O O . C O M


What? You haven’t heard of Qazzoo?

Have you been preparing your meals and watching TV from below the confines of an enormous rock?

189054_340Qazzoo is fairly new and we understand that things take time but it is close to a year now that Qazzoo has been online and growing. As the worlds’ first social search engine we are breaking new ground every day. Real estate leads on Qazzoo are easy as click and the lead is instantly yours. Before you have a chance to call the real estate lead we have already emailed the consumer (home buyer or seller) your information. As a professional member of Qazzoo we want to make sure that your call is received as warmly as possible. But as a professional you already know that quick and responsive follow-up is always going to be your best weapon against the onslaught of competition in today’s  marketplace. To the average professional “Quick” means “After I do this other thing” but to the true professional “Quick” means “I just did it” .

Quick is not a representation of speed. Quick is about getting things done in an organized and efficient manner. This is where Qazzoo is hands down the quickest way to generate new business. Instead of setting up and managing an advertising campaign, Qazzoo gives the professional Realtor or loan officer the ability to click on one button and get all the Real Estate lead information they need to contact the potential home buyer or potential listing without any hassles normally associated with running an ad campaign or placing ads online or offline.

Real estate leads are no different from real estate pros. They can’t seem to contact the right person at the right time. It’s like there is a wall that has been put up between the buyers and the professionals that can help them. This wall is called the “Internet” and it has been tremendously helpful for everything from buying concert tickets to paying parking tickets. Yet the internet comes between people as often as it connects them. If you want to find someone from your past, go to Facebook. If you want to find someone who is in your industry to chat about work or see if they are hiring, go to Linkedin. But god forbid you want to find the right local professional for your needs. Professional rating systems are gamed and only as accurate as the people who game them. Friends and family rating their brother or wife as “The Best Realtor I have ever had/been married to”

That is where Qazzoo is so different. On Qazzoo the Realtor or L0an Officer is able to qualify the buyer or seller first for their specialty  This way an agent that focuses on listings can contact only sellers in the right community and selling agents can select buyers that are in the appropriate price range to what they focus on.

There is nothing worse than getting a lead for a $400,000 house from a buyer that can’t afford a $200,000 home. Ok there are some things that are worse but you get the point.

And from the buyers perceptive, imagine calling an agent on a house and not qualifying for it then the agent never calls you back….now that is worse.


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