Q A Z Z O O . C O M


where-the-boys-are-cartoonfQazzoo has Spotify playing pretty much 24 hours a day. Yesterday a song played that was a big hit decades ago called “Where the Boys Are” which was funny because we that is exactly what our users feel about Qazzoo. Qazzoo is all about being where the clients are. Instead of waiting for clients to walk into your office, Qazzoo lets you go to where the clients are. The clients are at Qazzoo and they want to be contacted. It is so much more simple than any advertising campaign and then wait for the clients to see it and click and then make contacting you.

This system could have really helped a lot of us during our high school years. But now that we are in the business world we can use the Qazzoo system to increase our business. Knowing where to go is the secret and going there is the next step toward success. Not only can someone go to Qazzoo but Qazzoo can come to you through email notifications and push notifications through any smart phone. Just download the free app and put in the areas that we want to receive leads and Wham there they are, in real-time and not only can we select a lead but we can unlock and call the lead directly from the smart phone.

Qazzoo is designed to deliver the best possible results to the real estate agent or loan officer in the geographic areas they wish to serve.


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