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bigwheelturningThe best thing we can do for ourselves is to allow the wheel to continue turning. By contrast the worst possible thing we can do is to allow the wheel to stop. Picture a large millstone that turns and creates flour from wheat. That is exactly what we do. We make potential buyers into home owners. The problem is when we allow the momentum to stop. It is much harder to begin to turn the wheel than it is to allow the wheel to continue its revolutions. Getting the wheel to start requires much more energy than the energy required to continue to allow the wheel to turn on its own.

Once the wheel is spinning it is able to use some of its own weight to push the massive bulk. When we allow the wheel to stop because we stopped, the task of regenerating the energy that we lost when we allowed the wheel to stop in the first place. The wheel is like heavy and it is in need of constant attention. That is the hard part, but it is a lot less difficult than letting the wheel stop and then trying to get it to start all over again.

“Keep your shoulder to the wheel” is the old adage that Qazzoo reviews that is reflective of this need to keep the wheel moving and not allowing it to stop.  By putting our shoulder to the wheel and keeping it there is far less difficult. To do this we need to apply constant pressure by generating new leads to sell to and cultivating the leads that we have to get them closer to the closing table all the time. We cannot let up once we think we have enough. That is for today but tomorrow will be far different and next week will be different still. Next month or next quarter are so far down the road that we have no choice but to plan for them as far in advance as possible.

Keep the leads flowing and keep the wheel turning and work becomes far less difficult than any other option. Even when the other options feel easier at the time. In the long run, or even the short-term keeping the wheel turning will allow us to enjoy our work rather than feeling that the effort is more difficult than we can handle at times.


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