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Wearable tech is the new, new thing…for today at least. The issues that are going to soon plague the wearable tech medium are mostly going to revolve around generating money from the tech and the ability for us to use it.  By looking back only a couple of years ago we were all wondering what the heck Steve Jobs was doing offering us a iPad which was just a big iPhone without the phone part. Who wants that?

A couple of billion in sales later we all were pretty clear what he was doing. He just saw it before we did. He saw the need for more screen real estate so that the flat screen was easier to use. And that is the rub when we make things smaller. Qazzoo believes that when we make the screen smaller we have a difficult time finding uses for it. Projection screens are no doubt on the way here but until we get them the manufacturers like Samsung and Apple are going to keep trying new things. How can we use the screen real estate most effectively? That is the problem in an online world that is driven by subscription based business or advertising based business.


Subscribers have a difficult time subscribing the smaller the device becomes and advertising is harder to fit on to a small screen so that companies are having a hard time figuring out how to use the device most effectively. It wasn’t too long ago that Facebook was having a tough time on the stock market because they could figure out mobile advertising at all. Now take that same problem and shrink it for a wearable device and the problem is pretty obvious. The people who make the device and the people that make the device interesting need to make money from it or it slowly hobbles along or just dies.

So how will they make money from wearable devices and who will make the most is yet to be seen. Based on our extensive research over the past 12 minutes Qazzoo has come to believe that there is no doubt it will be the manufacturers and service providers that bundle the service into their existing subscription based models until we can find a way to advertise on it without destroying the experience of the user, which Qazzoo feels will probably be when we start projecting the visual. Before we project our images and the privacy issues that will come about with that are overcome, Qazzoo believes that expandedable and flexible tech will be the market to focus on. After the user base has been built to a number that seems to be worthwhile for developers the shift could take place but the user base growing to the numbers needed still has to be proved possible before the newer, new thing comes to the market.


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