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After we have identified the things that we don’t like to do and have either partnered or hired someone to do those duties we need to focus on what we like to do and do it as well as possible. This requires learning constantly and being open to new ideas and be willing to try them. People who have been at a job for a long time often feel that there is nothing else to learn and they miss the boat when it comes to keeping themselves and their jobs fresh and fun.

keep-calm-and-enjoy-workWork can be fun if we let it by finding what we like to do and do it repeatedly. If we allow ourselves to do what we enjoy and stay fresh we are going to do our jobs even better than before. The world is changing too fast for anyone to be an expert at everything and if we try we are going to make ourselves very unhappy campers. We need to focus on what we enjoy doing and the best at in order to make the world as much fun to be in as possible. Taking classes and getting new ideas on how to do the same thing can bring a brand new outlook on what it is we do every day.

As an example, what if instead of taking someone out to look at homes we gave them a game to play? A fun game like a treasure hunt? We could give them questionnaire to fill out on every house that they drive by so that we can talk about the houses with notes that both help us do our job while helping them keep better records of what they like and don’t like. This also makes them accountable and they are more likely to see the houses that we told them to drive by because there is written proof of what they saw.  The more professional the questionnaire the more likely it is to be completed and the more serious they will accept the challenge.


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