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With a presence on all the major social platforms Qazzoo generates a great deal of interest from both home buyers and sellers who are using social media and  who are happy that the services of connecting people who have complimentary needs. Sellers want their home sold. Buyers need a new place and real estate professionals need to sell homes while loan officers need to finance homes. Qazzoo provides these people with a structured platform that allows for these people to meet and get things done. Such as buying a home or selling their current home or both.

Hand holding a Social Media 3d SphereThe common problem with trying to find the right agent and/or lender is not new. Many times real estate professionals think that everyone knows a real estate agent and or a loan officer but the truth is that many people who are not in our field don’t know someone who is in it. In other examples some buyers or sellers don’t like the idea of working too closely with someone who they are familiar with. Having a friend sell your home can become a strain on your friendship and this is not always comfortable. Let’s say the house doesn’t sell and the real estate agent has to tell their friend that the price is too high. This can become a very difficult conversation between friends and not nearly as much between people who don’t share weekend Bar-B-Q’s.

Or how about people who don’t like their neighbors knowing all of their business?

Speaking from personal experience neighbors knowing all of my personal business is very discomforting. Personal business is personal business and public is public. Thinking about someone really close seeing your credit score or debt can be more than uncomfortable. It can be downright embarrassing. Being judged by a banker or a stranger seems less intrusive for some reason.

A good friend is a treasured thing and injecting business into it can be more detrimental than beneficial for some. There is nothing wrong with either way. It is a choice that each individual has to make for themselves.


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