Q A Z Z O O . C O M


Instead of news feed’s that mean little to us and pop up ads that mean little to anyone, Qazzoo has created a platform where people who want to accomplish a goal can meet in order to help each other achieve those goals. Currently Qazzoo is focused on real estate but the concept of expanding into other industries has been on the drawing board since before we launched. The idea of being able to ask for help and then receive the help requested is not unusual. It has just never been done before online.

Like asking for directions we tend to pull up to a gas station rather than a McDonalds and asking for a breakfast sandwich and the quickest route to the freeway. This is the same premise of Qazzoo.

improvementInstead of going online and poking around for hours without any clear idea of what is and what is not possible for us we are able to go to Qazzoo, fill out a profile and have the local professionals in the area reach out to us and assist us in finding the right home for us. We are therefore no longer wasting time and energy asking questions on blogs that are not clearly answered or contacting people who don’t return our calls. Qazzoo allows us to match our needs to the service providers that want to help us reach our goals.

We all benefit from having our goals met quickly and not getting frustrated with endless learning curves regarding the navigation of each site that we visit. The more splintered the site the more difficult the navigation. This is what makes many of us eventually give up and try yet another site to see if we can find the information we are looking for. Sites are all different and there is no right or wrong way to design a navigational process. There is just less or more difficult. The problem is that we don’t realize this until we have invested time and brainpower in the pursuit of figuring out the navigational path that gets us where we want to go.

Pop ups…pop up and we have to figure out how to close them, use them or bypass them. It is not the same from site to site and we have a hard time figuring out each puzzle as it comes to us online. That is why social media has been constantly improving and why sites such as Facebook, Twitter and others have been making some large strides towards getting making their platforms more user-friendly.


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