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Many agents and loan officers make the mistake of thinking that home buyers and sellers already know someone in the industry and therefore there is no reason to generate new business. These unfortunate professionals are bound to repeat the same mistake over and over when it comes to generating more business. The same peaks that make them feel that their system is working and the valleys that make them question why no one is buying homes. Most home buyers are not in the profession and therefore they don’t know anyone in the profession. When they do, do they want to do business with a person they barely know or someone who is proactively seeking new business? For us at Qazzoo we feel that people want to do business with others that are proactive as they are going to represent us in our negotiations and help us get what we want.

serverWhat do we want? We want a mortgage that is competitive at least and hopefully better than our friends got. We want to save money buying a house and get the house that we want. For this we need to find someone who is aggressive or at least proactive. A bump on the log is not what we want and we also don’t want someone who we know to let us down so that we often seek out someone who we don’t know but we feel can and will help us accomplish our goals.

There is no better way to earn someone’s business than to show them from the start that we follow-up and we are concerned about their goals being reached by asking them about what they want and listening to their answers and repeating back to them what they said they are looking for. Not to question the goal but to reinforce the goal and to let them know we understand their goal. This means a great deal to people from buying a home to getting a mortgage to pretty buying the right pair of shoes. People have goals no matter how small or large it may seem at the time the goal is still present regarding anything that people want. They may not even realize their goals until we ask them to define their goals. This can be very helpful for them and for us.

As for us we like to have a server at a restaurant tell us about the specials, read back our order and even explain what comes with the meal as far as sides and even how the meal is prepared. We like information that is freely provided and lives up to our expectations. This could just be us but we feel that most people like to know what to expect and to know that the person we are asking is informed and willing to help us.


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