Q A Z Z O O . C O M


Seasons are natures quarters and they remind us to take the pulse of what we have accomplished in the quarter or season that is either coming to an end or has ended. When the leaves start changing color we know that it is fall and that we need to tabulate what we had done that summer that just went by like a bolt of lightning. History is the best way to judge the future and if we look at what worked and what didn’t work we are better off than if we let the autumn turn into winter without addressing the successes and the near successes that we just experienced.

The more time that goes by without taking a logical look at what we are doing and how we are doing it the less common the changes that need to be made will be made. Looking further back makes the past blurry and we tend to forget what impacted our business and what was just another day at work. Time is not the friend of our memory. It is the exact opposite, so we need to study the most recent history we possibly can. Delays cause us to eventually forget and then we are looking at trying it again next quarter and then we are just repeating the same mistakes.



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