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When Qazzoo launched there were a lot of things that were really untested. Being first always makes it a little harder to do anything. I had a couple older brothers and the lessons that they taught me through their mistakes were worth everything (thanks guys).

One of the first things we tried to learn was how to get people to actually use the system. It was too complicated and was not at all user-friendly. We learned quickly to simplify the system and once we did the world became a great deal easier for everyone.

The newest change is the roll over leads that were not available to users of the system. Now, I mean right now as I write this post we have just changed the system to allow users that had roll over leads that they had not claimed their allotment of leads for that month. We took a page out of the play book from telephone carriers and then added our own spin by allowing the leads (minutes) to roll over indefinitely. This is really exciting for us and we hope that our users also find it as helpful as we have designed it to be.

As always if you have any questions or suggestions please let us know here or call 800-230-9019 as we are always looking for ways to improve the  Qazzoo experience.

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