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Big RockWe can push and pull and struggle to make the ball roll up the hill but does the extra effort really create a degree of momentum or does it just make us frustrated?

We know from past experience that sometimes we just have to sit back and wait a little bit until the inevitable happens. The unnecessary efforts that waste time and energy should be removed or eliminated completely with a scalpel if needed. The worst thing we can do is push harder on a rock that is just not ready to move.

Allowing the rock some of the decision process is better than bashing our heads against a rock that is not ready. Better to move on to another rock and return to the original rock for another attempt at a later time. This allows us to decompress and use our energy in a more productive way. It also allows the rock to get motivated on its own without the pressure that sometimes is created when issues are forced.

This is not to say that we should give up on the rock it just means that unmovable rocks are not helpful to anyone and should be handled with special attention to the willingness of the rock at the moment we are pushing. The rock owes us nothing and there are a lot of rocks out there. We just need to find the motivated rocks and give them a good shove.


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