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We recently were doing some research on one of our favorite authors, Mr. Robert Kiyosaki, of such well-known books as Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Cash Flow Quadrant and many others. He is a native of the state of Hawaii and is as charming as anyone on the planet. Yet when doing our research we found on the front page of Google several articles that were less than flattering.

The authors of the negative press were quick to point out that Mr. Kiyosaki does not have a sufficient background to substantiate his claims of having been raised in the way that he indicates in his books and which he provides as the reason that he has become the man who is. He is one of the wealthiest authors and speakers in the self-help genre. They are also quick to pick apart his books suggestions for increasing ones wealth.

It is always easier to be a critic than an active member of the industry or person that is being criticized. To warrant criticism we have to have done something. This is not where critics make their hay. They write as harmfully as possible and then reap the rewards of being outrageous by people clicking on their post and then either registering which allows them to boast about the amount of registrants they have and increase the value of their website or get the unknowing user to click on one of the ads on their site which then pays them for the click.

Has anyone ever clicked on something positive first or have we all become so jaded that we go right for the worst possible thing first and then only after we can’t find it do we eventually click on the normal selections we would have made only a few short years ago. We need to take a step back and see what we have created through our own actions.

A web that is downright mean to children that are interviewed on a local television channel. This is not a celebrity that is being beaten up on blogs and comments on YouTube. This is a 5-year-old child that was asked a series of questions by a reporter. The child did not seek out the attention but was sought out and his responses were adored by millions just before the angry mob turned on him. Do we think that anyone who wrote the cruel and insulting remarks would like this done to their children or even themselves? It seems that every time a cute video goes viral that the people who need some cuteness in their lives pounce on the culprit of cute and take out their aggression.

starwarskidThe first evidence that we can think of is the Star Wars kid who was forced to change schools and move from his home town because of the torment that he was put through. When is it okay to not say something cruel about a child? Has the internet become the place to go if we are in a bad mood?

For the record we still like Robert Kiyosaki and wish the best for him and the millions of people whose lives he improved from his enlightened thinking as well as those detractors that have missed some of the positive points of what he has to share while they search for as much negative as possible. And we hope that the Star Wars kid and the child in the recent viral video are able to look beyond the comments regarding their viral fame. The little tyke needs to get past his first television experience because he is a kid and was put in the spot light without asking for it. We believe the positive will far outweigh the negatives when we get past this time in the history of the web.


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