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Okay we know, politics and marches on the capital can bring traffic to a dead stop but the city has so much to offer that to overlook it would be a shame. Qazzoo staff often visits Washington DC and we can that we never feel as safe in any large city (save Seattle). The city has to appeal to local and visitors alike and takes this very seriously. When delegates come to DC they are treated to some of the best that any city has to offer so that they don’t miss their home state as much as they would if the city had not gone out of its way to become the welcoming city that it is.


As foreign kings, Queens, Presidents and dignitaries of all types visit the host country they come to Washington DC and the city does us proud with the number of restaurants and entertainment venues. For the monuments alone Washington DC would be in our top five but when you add in all that DC has to offer there is no option that to add it to the Qazzoo list and let the visitor see for themselves.  Real Estate is not cheap in DC and this is the single reason it is not in the number 1 or number 2 position on this list. The average cost of living in DC is much higher than the national average but the amenities make up for this in our humble opinion.

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