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legacyleads2During a suggestion meeting with the tech department at which Qazzoo reviews all of the suggestions from our members, non members and the staff we had determined that legacy leads would be a helpful addition to the overall Qazzoo experience. We set out to make the suggestion from one of our staff a reality. It took some doing but we were able to take the leads that had been submitted to Qazzoo which had not been selected the maximum of three times and allow for them to be selected for which ever number remained on that particular lead for free. Free leads sound pretty good and the idea that a lead had not been selected was not what we are trying to provide to our consumers. They want the help, we want to provide the ability for them to receive the help but for whatever reason their profile was not selected. So we send the consumer an email and ask if they are still interested in buying or selling their home. If they are not we remove their profile. If they are still interested we remove the profile from the normal search results page and place the profile in the “legacy leads” section. This is designed to making searching easier for the professional and differentiating between consumers that have more recently submitted their profile and consumers that have been overlooked for whatever reason.

legacyleadsQazzoo reviews the legacy leads section of the search engine every day as we do the standard search engine and we are happy to report that legacy leads are being claimed now more than they were before which means consumers that were being over looked or who had slipped through the search engine are now receiving service. That is just one example of what can happen when people put their heads together and come up with solutions that are designed to help everyone. Always know that your suggestions and input is what allows us to improve and fine tune what is the first social search engine and it is with the support of our members and their ideas that we are able to help more people make more connections, sell more homes, find new homes with less hassle. Thanks for the continued support and we hope to see you soon on Qazzoo.

If you have a great idea on how to improve Qazzoo we are all ears and look forward to your thoughts. Please contact CS@Qazzoo.com or call 800-230-9019 and let us know what you think?


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