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phonelightThere are so many rotary phones out there but there are so few good ideas that can be done with limited artistic ability. The best ideas we were able to come up with revolved around the idea of converting the old dinosaur communication device into a lamp. Lamps come in all types but the best examples we could find are presented here and we hope they inspire someone to come up with a better idea or a new spin on the same idea. Here are a couple of the best executions that we were able to find and think that they can be done by the average person with a little time and effort.

Qazzoo would love to provide a larger variety of options but alas the world has not figured out how to do more with the old fashioned devices. The devices are more complicated than we might like when it comes to repurposing. But if you are looking for a reading light you could not get much better than a really cool old light made from an old phone when it comes to retro cool.

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