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Qazzoo is like most of the world. We love new technology or new things that can be done with the old technology. Everything gets old and some of us can do some amazing things with making new things out of old tech. By old we mean technology that has been around for years and someone has discovered a new way of using or repurposing the old stuff and doing something creative with it.

techRemember those old VHS boxes? What in the world is someone supposed to do with VHS boxes? The tapes are not available anymore and unlike vinyl records which sometimes deliver the intended sound because the music was recorded with the end users technology in mind. That stereo music that pops a little adds something to the music and let’s face it some of us are retro freaks and we will gravitate to things that have gone so that we can stay connected to a different time.

But VHS was never the intended was to watch a film. The intended way to watch a film was in the theatre and therefore VHS is little more than a secondary way to watch a film after it ran at theatres. Few movies were filmed with the end VHS user in mind. So this brings us to what to do with all these tapes and boxes and can something creative be done that uses them rather than just fill the dump with the cumbersome plastic  rectangles.

How about a great and very cheap picture frame that does double duty as a storage container?

Or a stack of VHS boxes that are put together in order to create some work space and a break in a larger room?

These are just some of the ways that people have re-purposed VHS boxes and tapes. If you have any ideas or if you have taken the next step and executed the idea, we would love to hear about it.


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