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reviewAs Qazzoo reviews the state of the lead generation business and the tools we provide as we are always in search of new and better ways to provide valued service. And like always we have been busy working on improvements to existing systems and adding new tools for Qazzoo in order to improve entire system. Our goal is to always make the search engine work better for both consumers and real estate professionals. Some of the additional tools we have recently implemented are:

  1. One click to claim
  2. The updated mobile app that offers legacy leads.
  3. The exporting of leads into any existing CRM.

These tools are focused on making the system more efficient and effective while providing a more comprehensive solution to the lead generation problem that most real estate professionals face every day. Qazzoo reviews the suggestions from our members and staff and make decisions based on the most impactful and user-friendly first. As the electronic world of business generation is in constant motion (sometimes forward and sometimes just in motion) we feel that it is imperative that we define (with your help) which are the most important. Qazzoo reviews hundreds suggestions every week from what our users tell us and what is most requested we take action accordingly.

As the system which is the heart of Qazzoo is the first natural language social search engine it is sometimes easier to conceive an idea than it is to implement the idea. If you have made a suggestion  and it has not been implemented, please understand that we must make decisions based on several variables. One of those variables is use. If an idea is great and we want to implement it we have to review the use of systems like it to determine if it would be used or if it would be used by thousands of our members or only a small minority. We also keep track of the ideas and concepts that are submitted and we try to get back to everyone regarding their suggestion.


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