Q A Z Z O O . C O M


When Qazzoo reviews buyers we see them not as liars any more than those of us who have ever told someone that we loved them, and then failed to marry them and live out our lives together with the person that we swore never-ending love to.  We weren’t lying when we swore our oath of devotion (okay a couple of times we did) but for the most part we didn’t. Not in the moment that we said those three little words.

“I am loyal” are the three little words that buyers, non-buyers and would be buyers often say just before they fall out of love with the idea. They fall out of love because they, like us have the potential to become distracted. Once distracted we are putting all the options on the table and who knows where we wind up? Americans have the attention span of….Oh I lost you already didn’t I? hotdog

Hot dogs are not commonly reviewed by Qazzoo but I recently put a hot-dog in the microwave and couldn’t wait the whole 60 seconds. I removed it and ate it semi-hot and mostly tasteless. I didn’t plan to eat it cold and bland but after you pull it out after 44 seconds and it isn’t quite done, what time do you put it back in for?

I determined that math is worse than the taste and I just choked it down. It didn’t make me a liar, it made me an American.


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