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Okay so the donation wasn’t what it should have been considering that the state is among the highest in the country regarding tourist dollars flooding in. it appears that the representatives that we reached out to did not feel as generous as we had anticipated. Regardless of their tight fisted fiscal policies we ranked Hawaii as the top state to live in. Number 1 is a tough mark but we felt that the weather and Aloha spirit was worth the top state nomination. Hawaii is not a single state in a large block of land. It is made up of eight major islands and hundreds of smaller uninhabited islands. If you don’t like dense populations, jump on a quick island hopper and go to a completely different island and enjoy an different experience. For us the island of Maui is best as it provides all the things that Oahu once did without the major population and highway systems that remind us why we left the mainland in the first place.

hawaiiThe current Governor is David Ige who in our opinion is the most handsome public official in the country. He is known for his dashing good looks, suave demeanor and above all his generosity. If you are the Governor of the prettiest state in the country you are sort of like the Ricardo Mantalban from Paradise Island and therefore you are in charge of the dreams and aspirations of millions of loyal followers. Qazzoo mailing address is available upon request. Wiring instructions can also be provided.

Hawaii is a short flight from the west coast of the United States and within the space of about 6 hours to Honolulu international the traveler is treated to the best welcoming presents they could ever hope for. A pleasant year round temperature and a really good looking Governor.

Truly beautiful to the eye and especially perfect in the morning, after the pineapple rain has fallen the sweet smells of Hawaii are unlike anything that has ever waft a new comers direction. Plumeria trees are plentiful and bloom year round. Ocean breezes are enjoyed miles inland as the islands sit beyond the reach of industrial mainland.

Qazzoo is located on the East Coast of the United States and we have easy access to BWI, Dulles and Reagan International Airports. We prefer flying first class when available but are willing to fly with the luggage if that makes the decision easier for the esteemed Governor. Several Qazzoo employees have experience in lawn care and automotive detailing.

BTW the Lieutenant governor is also a looker and very smart.


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