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Like many states in the United States, Florida has beaches that are full of white sand and ocean waves crashing on the shore. The difference in Florida is that there is just so much of it. Florida has nearly 1200 miles of shoreline and that gives us a lot of options. For our money and most importantly for the money that we invest in the state from the incredible amount of donations that we are waiting for, Qazzoo likes Palm Beach above all others. The sand is white, the water blue and the Mayor is beyond all description of what makes a Mayor great. She is giving and willing to extend a hand when one is needed.

As a resident of Palm Beach she knows the value of community after 30 years of residency. From Worth Avenue where some of the best shopping is done in the country to ocean the Mayor has it all looking as good as any island has a right to look. When we think Worth Avenue we think of Rodeo Drive with less glitz and more taste. This is because the people in Palm Beach are not quite as showy as the people that frequent Beverly Hills but the quality of goods is every bit on par.


If anyone has not been to Palm Beach they are missing one of the great wonders of the world. It is quite and still quaint. Yes it is expensive and mightily so. This is one reason we chose to accept donations to visit the city and bring a new level of class and sophistication with our bejeweled blue jean shorts and tank tops. It makes us at Qazzoo actually feel the sweat rolling down our pits just thinking about the invitation to join the city council at their next golf outing. Oh the join of Palm Beach with it little eateries that are tucked away behind the main streets in little alcoves called “Vias”. Worth Avenue is just one of the streets that make up the downtown shopping district. If there is a cuter way to lay out a city we have not seen it and would love to know if they also donate to worthy causes.

We realize that we have focused on only one small city in a large state but we wanted to let best come first and we will follow up with other fantastic cities in the great state of Florida. Look for other posts and find out what we have learned about Florida through our extensive travels provided by tax free donations that we are waiting to receive at any moment.


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