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While Qazzoo reviews the suggestion box we meet in a dimly lit conference room in the penthouse of our two-story building. There is a large sofa that we take turns sitting in while the others stand around in a circle. As we pry open the box and take out each suggestion one at a time. Each suggestion is wrapped in a brown paper bag and each bag has the name of the person who made the suggestion so that we can ridicule him or her before having to listen to their silly idea. If the suggestion is from a member of Qazzoo we don’t put their name on it so that we can remember who pays the bills.

crmJust outside the gray metal door of the conference room are the security guards that have been here since before our company moved in. Some of us have become very close to the two security guards that stand watch at the front door like those British soldiers that stand perfectly still for hours. Our guys are there for days at a time. They appear to be twin brothers but we really don’t know because none of us have ever actually spoken to them. Their name badges both indicate that their last name is “Backoff” and we got them cheap as they have never asked to be paid.

The suggestion box is full of comments and ideas from car dealers asking us to break into their market to people who think that we should give the buyers an incentive to put their information online. For the record the ideas are good but we are forced to strike a balance between doing what is good for the professional user and what is best for the consumer user of Qazzoo. At the weekly Qazzoo reviews meetings we are constantly struggling with great ideas as well as the cigarette smoke that fills the air. I think the smoke is for atmosphere as I have never been able to figure out where the smoke is coming from and no one smokes at the office.  Regardless, the smoke works well for people coming up with good ideas fast as no one can breath and we all want to get the heck out before we pass out.

crm2It was at one of the Qazzoo reviews meetings that someone came up with the exporting idea. I don’t know who it was because I couldn’t see them and they kept choking through their presentation. But we all agreed pretty fast and now professionals can export their leads and import them to whatever CRM they prefer. Personally I like the one that is free and comes with Qazzoo but everyone has their own favorites and we tried to accommodate as many people as possible. Our motto “What is good for everyone has got to be good for someone?”  is not official but it is tattooed on the back of the company hamster.

If you want to come to a Qazzoo reviews meeting or just make a suggestion through email we are always open to new ideas and we know that your ideas are likely to be better than ours.

Please send suggestions to CS@Qazzoo.com or 800-230-9019


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