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durhamWhat is not to like about a collage town that has this level of history of excellence. We love the people and the town and the college. We know that many will differ as the Blue Devils can be rather polarizing but the town without the team is still one of the best places to live in the United States. As many of us hail from the Mid Atlantic we have a to disassociate from the basketball program and think only of what the city has to offer.  And Durham has a lot to offer.

Like most collage towns the city has to entice the student body to pay the exorbinate costs of an education by offering everything and more than a traditional city.

There are over 550 restaurants and bars for those that don’t want to cook every night. For those that do like to cook, there is no better way to enjoy out door cooking than in a city that has such a temperate climate. At Qazzoo we tend to score cities higher when the climate is gentle so readers must take our predisposition into account. This is not to say that Durham does have it’s winters and it does snow but the overall climate is warm and so are the locals. One never feels like an outsider in Durham as the welcome mat is always out and the city is growing. Foreclosures are low and crime is very low compared to most collage towns.

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