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In the first version of Qazzoo there were several blocks that indicated that the profile of the consumer had been contacted by which ever number of blocks were colored gray. Blocks that were white indicated how many times the lead profile could be contacted and green indicated that the lead had been contacted by the user when logged in. After further use Qazzoo reviewed the system and made some changes to allow the system to be easier to use and understand at a glance. As of this post being written the professional user of Qazzoo is not presented with any boxes at all and the only identifying aspect that changes when the user has unlocked a profile is that the name and contact information will appear.

suggestionWith the new changes we have seen much more use and far fewer professional users call asking how to use the system so we feel that the simplification has been beneficial to not only the professionals but for the consumers as well. Qazzoo reviews all of the recommendations regarding making the system easier but we have additional modifications and changes this year. The goal is to make generating new business as easy as possible and to continually simplify the process of generating business in a world that seems to be making it harder to get ahead without a degree in computer science.

If you have made a suggestion, we truly appreciate it and we hope to get to your input in some meaningful way. If you have not made a suggestion but have an idea that would make it easier for you to use Qazzoo, it is pretty likely that others feel the same way or if not they may still benefit from your thoughts. Please do not hesitate to submit any request, suggestion, personal thoughts and know that we take them seriously and will put your thoughts to the technical department as soon as it comes in. Qazzoo reviews the suggestions of all of our members weekly and priorities get moved based on the ease of implementation and the forecasted use of all ideas.

Please submit your idea to improve Qazzoo to CS@Qazzoo.com or call 800-230-9019 and let us know your thoughts!


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