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The cities that find their way to the top of the lists that are created by periodicals is most often presented by the taste and lifestyle of the people working at the generator of the list rather than the feelings of most people in general. This is way San Francisco, New York and other such cities are generally ranked so high on the list of top cities. We wanted to take a more holistic approach and provide a list ranked by every day citizens and stay away from the obvious and most commonly lived in cities.


We always find it interesting that surveys will often list happiness as a key factor in the report as a determingin factor when naming the best cities. It is our humble opinion that people that live in Cities such as San Francisco or San Diego would be happy where ever they were living because they are predisposed to have more community pride than people living in areas that are not as well known or have the same degree of glamour associated with the city.

Cities such as Buffalo NY for example are better to be surveyed in spring rather than winter and the same but opposite would be true of Tampa Bay FL. In short there is a lot that goes into any survey trying to determine the best cities beyond the questions of happiness or fulfillment. Great indicators but not a scientific study.

To the list and please feel free to contradict comment or agree as loudly as you would like or as silently as you prefer.


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