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The first thing to do is to recognize that if the relationship starts out rocky it will probably not turn around. At Qazzoo we don’t generally work with rentals but we do work with people who work with their own rental properties. The last thing that we want to do is let a problem go from bad to worse. The best thing that any landlord can do for themselves and for the tenant is to play hardball when it comes to getting paid on time. The worst thing we can do is to try to work with the client from the very start of the tenant/landlord relationship.

Qazzoo has had many, many clients that have worked with landlords over the years and we have always stayed true to the idea that if we are strong with our tenants they benefit as much as we do. The benefit to the tenant is that they know without a shadow of a doubt that the landlord will not accept late payment on rent owed and by understanding this the tenant will ensure their family a safe and well maintained home.

evictionTenants that do not understand this will budget rent payments last instead of first and will eventually fall so far behind in rent that eviction is the only course of action. This does the tenant no good and it creates a higher turnover than the landlord would like to see.

First things first requires that the landlord ask for a larger deposit from the start. The deposit is not for the last month’s rent as most people would think but it is for security. It can be seen as the tenants security as they are not likely to treat the rental as a dumping ground if they have more skin in the game. In fact, the amount of skin in the game is in direct proportion to the likelihood that they will treat the property well and pay the rent on time.

The next piece of the equation so far as Qazzoo sees it is to make sure that the rent is paid on time or ahead of time. If the tenant feels that rent payments are as important as the landlord, the tenant will budget more carefully and this is good for both parties. As soon as the first payment comes in late it is incumbent on the landlord to file as quickly as possible for eviction. This will send a clear message that rent is not to be paid when the tenant wants but when the contract for rent has listed as on time. This is normally within the first 5 days of the month. By filing for eviction on day number 6 the landlord is communicating that rental payments are to be made on time.

A phone call to communicate this is always a good idea but the important part is not to be talked out of filing for eviction. Too often renters will play on our common decency in order to support their inability to budget effectively. Landlords are not banks and this lending of money does the tenant no good in future financial commitments and creates a great deal of additional worry and work for the landlord.


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