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If the most important three words in real estate are “Location, Location, Location” than the most important three words in selling real estate are “Follow up, Follow up, Follow up”…err six words. The point in the sales process where most sales fall apart is after the first contact. Most sales people are constantly focused on the first contact and not as focused on the follow up. The reason is simple but most people don’t realize why they are doing the things they are doing, even after they have done them for years.

referralsThe first contact is easy because there are no expectations from the potential client and we, as the professionals are completely open. Then we get the first call out of the way and guess what? We have a homework assignment. We have to produce something interesting to get the client to believe that we are the right person to handle their issues and create solutions that are beneficial to them. This is not always easy and we often have the nagging feeling in the back of our minds that the home work project that we gave ourselves will not pay off in the end.

This nagging concern is what keeps us from putting our best efforts forward. We are concerned and rightfully so that the next time we reach out to the client they will either unavailable or will give us an avoidance answer. This cannot keep us from doing the best follow up we can and getting our homework prepared. The obligation that is felt by the potential home buyer intensifies when we let them know we have fulfilled our obligation and now it is time for them to do likewise.

This is not a guilt trip it is creating a team work environment that benefits everyone. If the home buyer isn’t available we need to keep reaching out to them and each time we do we need to bring value and urgency to the conversation. Urgency and pushy are two different things and we need to not be afraid of creating urgency by walking right up to pushy without crossing the line.



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