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referralThe early bird doesn’t get the worm as often as the consistent bird. The consistent bird is the one that stays on the case and is not determined to be right. Being right may make some people happy but it doesn’t make their lives easier or more fulfilling.

The real estate agent that wants to be right is the one that sits back and waits for good things to happen because they know more about and have more experience in real estate/neighborhood/city you name it and there is someone sitting around talking about how much they know about what they are not doing. What they are not doing is the one thing that really matters.

Follow up!

If we are doing diligent, even at times, just a little, we are talking only on accident being perceived as pushy we are not going to be as successful in our pursuits. We need to follow up as much as is needed on a case by case basis. If the person doesn’t want you to follow up they will say. Until then we need to assume that they are serious and take them seriously. We will never win prognosticating which buyer is going to buy when and from whom. We can only be in charge of our own actions and those actions need to be consistent with our end goals. Real estate leads are just names and data until we have created some report and that comes from talking to them. Expressing our sincere desire to help them accomplish their goals and inspiring them to take action when it is appropriate.

While the other agents that are waiting for their past homebuyers to outgrow their current home we can be out there making new contacts and creating our own network of referrals without ever forgetting that the early bird is just tired earlier and the consistent bird is the one with the most of the worms.

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