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This gets us back to the referral only being written on the back of an agent’s card. New agents that see this should ask the person if they would be willing to sell them a home. That is not a referral and 100% of the time the agent will say “Why sure, I would love to sell you a home”

So what is this “By referral only” thing all about? It is about presenting ones self in the best light possible. By seeming to be exclusive, the agent has increased their perceived value and it cost them no more than the ink on the back of their card. This is good advertising but it is not accurate. The moral here is to not get disheartened when we can’t work by referral only. Because no one does but they are not so free to tell us that.

We walk around the office wondering how to build this giant network of past clients, friends and family while the truth is that it is the sales person that makes all the difference. The sales person that is hungry and wants to be successful is the person that is most likely going to get the majority of the business. This doesn’t mean “all” the business. It means “most” of the business. There is always going to be deals that we were not able to get because of our lack of experience or our lack of experience in a particular market. There may even be deals we lose because we are too tall or too short or too (fill in the blank)

But as people have been saying for centuries “Sales is a numbers game”

How do we get the numbers to work in our favor? That is where the equation gets complicated and we have to take some initiative to make sure that we are on the right side of the equation. First we need to look at what most agents fail in and how we can do it better. That #1 issue is follow up. Real estate agents and especially more mature real estate agents many times have a belief system that tells them that if the person really wanted to buy they would return their one phone call. If not, the lead was not serious or it was a dud.

This belief system removes the possibility that the home buyer or real estate lead has not spoken to anyone else before or after the lead was received by the agent. Don’t fall into this trap.


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