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Anyone that has been in real estate for a period of time has run up against the notion that some people work by referral only. Some of them actually have that written on their cards. This is interesting because if someone has not been in business for 20 years the chances of them having an extensive portfolio of previous clients is pretty thin. Granted if the new agent is the spouse of the CEO of a large firm they may have some built in clients but that is rare and we have to work with the average real estate agent trying to make a living in an industry that is not always kind to new real estate agents. Real estate is a tough job and generating real estate leads is just one of the hurdles that new agents have to overcome.

It is not that it can’t be done without new leads coming in. We can walk neighborhoods and knock on doors. But that just seems odd in todays connected world. Not to mention that if someone knocks on a door that the occupant doesn’t already know it is sort of off putting and can lead to some rather uncomfortable conversations. As an example when first selling real estate someone close (me) tried this tactic and literally had some old geezer present a shotgun when he answered the door. That was unexpected and the practice came to an immediate halt.

aceWeird how a shotgun can kill a conversation about pretty much anything? There are better ways to get interested real estate leads and we believe that the person that figures this out first wins first and struggles the least. People are always buying homes. They have to. If they don’t they are going to wind up storing their new kids in the kitchen and bathroom. And they are having kids all the time. Our industry is therefore safe and secure if we can generate real estate leads.

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