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Reason 4584 – Select your own Real Estate Leads

What you talking about Willis?

gary-colemanThat is right you can pick your own leads whenever you want. Anytime and anywhere you want. Qazzoo doesn’t have any geographic limitations. You can search wherever you want to work or anywhere you have a listing to sell. Different Zip Codes?..No problem.  Different Counties?… No issues there. Different States? Your choice. Just enter the zip code that you are most interested in and hit “GO” The search results are all home buyers and home sellers that are interested in that area. This is completely different from what we are used to so don’t be surprised to find that Qazzoo saves all the wasted money of the traditional online advertising. Bogus leads that come through or buyers that can’t afford to buy a home removed from the system. As an example, if the lead contact information is not accurate, FLAG it and get a full refund of another lead. If the lead indicates that they cannot afford to buy what you want to sell, don’t unlock/claim that buyer profile. Keep looking and you will find what you are looking for. The system was designed to reduce or eliminate the expense of generating business online. The tough part is that you cannot compare Qazzoo to anything else as it is such a new concept that we have already received several patents on the technology.

With Qazzoo all you need to do is be able to use a normal search engine, if you can do that you can use Qazzoo. There is a simple one click to claim method that provides the consumers email and phone as well as adding the consumer profile to you “Recent Connections” so that you can access them whenever you want.

Wouldn’t it be beneficial to never have to waste your time and money advertising again?

We thought so!


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