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100guaranteeReason 3047 – 100% lead guarantee

What? A guarantee on leads? Yes that is correct a complete 100% guarantee. If the consumer contact information is not correct for any reason all the real estate pro needs to do is to “Flag” the real estate lead and tell Qazzoo what information was incorrect. Qazzoo will take the real estate lead off the site and refund you with a new profile. No fuss, no muss!

The expense, waste and complexity of running an online advertising campaign are gone forever. Just do a quick online search on Qazzoo and you will find over a million real estate leads at any time. These homebuyers have put their emails online and are asking for the assistance of a competent real estate agent and or a loan officer.

Just click the unlock button and all of their contact information is revealed to you and then (and here is the cool part) Qazzoo emails the home buyer or seller that you have unlocked, your profile with all of your contact information and a link to your website if you would like.

The idea is to introduce you to the consumer and have the consumer comfortable with the fact that you will be calling them on the phone. It is all about getting everyone as cozy as possible. The idea of guaranteed leads is so new that it doesn’t register sometimes but it is possible. We know because we did it. So take advantage of it and start selecting some real estate leads and enjoy the difference between getting leads that you don’t know anything about and Qazzoo where you select your own leads.


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