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The first thing we need to do is find what we don’t like to do and stop doing it. Or in the worst case scenario at least do less of what we don’t like. There are people who don’t like paperwork and others that don’t like negotiating. There is always someone who likes doing what we don’t, if we can find that person we can make one heck of a good team. People that like meeting and greeting are sometimes not the same as those that like to close on a transaction. The opposite is of course true as well and when we determine what we either don’t like doing or are not very good at it and we can find someone who is, we should seriously consider creating a partnership.

partnershipSometimes partnerships are the best thing that we could do for ourselves and for the partner that we choose to work with. The critical thing is to not partner with someone who shares our weaknesses but compliments them instead. Someone that brings to the table the things that we lack or the things that we no longer want to do. The issue of finding a partner isn’t always finding the person that we get along with the best as the people we get along with many times have the same traits we do and that just means we are all good at the same things. The way to make that sticky situation work is if the addition of the similar person or people creates more business and then it is time to hire an assistant or include someone else in your partnership. We don’t need to worry about answering the phone every time it rings and doing the daily tasks that we are not as good at doing if we have someone else to take that weight off of our shoulders.

We are then free to do what we are best at more often and therefore we are more productive and we enjoy what we are doing more often than when we force ourselves to do things we are not as talented at doing. We mention the two types of people here as administrators and sales people because many times administrators do not enjoy selling while they thrive at creating sales brochures and marketing while the sales person feels that those tasks are arduous and because of that they don’t do the necessary administrative work that keeps the ball rolling in order to generate more sales.


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