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microwaveLet the technology lead the way and we will all fall prey to the Roman empires decline. What did the Roman’s do? They created indoor bathrooms that made going to the bathroom a lot more convenient. This was similar to when my father brought home our first microwave oven. My parents divorced soon after. I am not sure if there was a connection but the microwave came in and my dad went out.

This is the world we live in. Easy technology makes people expect more instant results. Instant results are not always good results, they are just quick.

Honestly if someone had to pick the best hamburger in the world few would say McDonalds but they sell billions of those little grease bombs.  Where we are stuck is that we want everything right now. Right now is what we have become used to but it does not mean right now is good.

We are constantly on the hunt for the next thing. The next shiny thing is the best thing.

The truth is that most professionals don’t do the follow-up that could really help their business. They keep reaching in the microwave and grabbing the hottest thing inside. The hottest thing is sometimes a burrito as hot as molten lava and sometimes it is an under-cooked hot-dog.

What we need to do is have a little patience and work those leads that we have to their fullest.


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