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Qazzoo believes in volunteering and making a difference in our communities. It is not just rewarding but it also helps us promote ourselves. The payoff may not be immediate but it does make a difference. When we find out that one of our clients belongs to the same community association or trade group…all the better. We are doing ourselves a good service and the community a favor when we join the rotary or the local bowling or golf club we expand ourselves personally and professionally.

volunteerThis is not always the best way to generate a great deal of business but it will pay off in the long run. Social groups and volunteering may not be for everyone but it is great for most people. It allows us to give back to the community and promote ourselves at the same time. What is not to like about that?

Go ahead and try it. You don’t have to join any of them. You can just go to a couple of civic meetings and see if it feels right to you. If it does, you don’t have to jump in neck-deep. You can always wade in and see how it feels before fully committing. Check a couple of them out. From soup kitchens to patriotic causes, there is no one size fits all. Find what works for you and enjoy the connection that it gives you to your local community and the positive reinforcement that you get from it.

Chances are it will lead to some business too…but that is not the reason to do it, it is just an additional positive.


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