Q A Z Z O O . C O M


Qazzoo believes that every dog should have a home and we are determined to make that a reality for as many puppies as possible. Putting ourselves in the shoes…err paws of a little dog we realize that there are few things a dog wants. They want to be fed and loved and they want shelter from the elements. We are not unlike puppies here as we like the same things but we are always reaching for a little bit better food and shelter. The love comes from things that we cannot always control so we will leave that out of this post.

puppyFood and shelter are the two things that we can try to control better and the best way to do that is to find a place that provides shelter and is near the food that we need. We look for homes that can stand up to the rain and the snow and the bitter cold of winter as well as the scorching heat of summer. Our office doggie is a little Jack Russell named Scout that we could have named Qazzoo but chose to stick to something more doglike. She hates that winter and refuses to go out in the rain. We feel likewise but we can use the indoor facilities and she cannot. This is the shelter part of the equation and Scout demands shelter.

The little terrier is not too different from us in another aspect regarding shelter. She likes to have the room to move around while indoors. This is a good representation of what we are all looking for when we move up the value scale in real estate. We are generally looking for more room to move about and not be constricted to a single small space.

We also want to be close to the food that we need. Restaurants, grocery stores and the like need to be within a reasonable distance so that we are able to retrieve what we need without going too far afield. This is the food part of the problem being solved which is not too different from Scout. Scout has a bowl of food on the kitchen floor and she knows where it is at all times. She is not asking too much and we don’t think most home buyers are either. They just want to have the same things that we give the puppies that we love.



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