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Legacy leads are new to Qazzoo and could be the beginning of something really cool. The idea that each lead can be selected a total of four times is not always the case on Qazzoo. The more likely scenario is that a lead is selected once or twice and then is left to the side as more consumers come online to Qazzoo and create their own home buyer profile. This new home buyer profile is found on Qazzoo as a new lead and the early profile is called by one or two agents and then no follow-up is done. This is what happens every day. Not just on Qazzoo but on every lead generation and social media site. We are constantly focusing on the next thing and not focusing on what we have. It is the human condition.

Taking the human condition and turning it 180 degrees. The consumer is also looking for the next sales person to tell them that they can provide the house or the service or the financing that they are hoping to find. So we have two passing trains going at full speed in opposite directions. The best way we could think to slow the trains down and allow for people to be better served was to create the legacy lead program.


What is a legacy lead?

A legacy lead is one that has stayed online longer than most and have not been claimed the total of four times. If the lead has been claimed less than four times the “profile” is placed in the legacy lead section that you can reach from one of the two buttons on the front page. the legacy lead section allows you to claim leads free of cost. You are limited to the number of leads that are assigned to your package but they are free and you know they have not been contacted more than three times at a maximum. This is a great opportunity for you to claim a lead and have a conversation with a person who is looking to buy a house and see where they are in the process. Several things can happen that are good.

  1. The Buyer is in a better place to buy a home now and your timing was awesome.
  2. The Buyer is not sure if they want to buy a home after seeing what was on the market. Now the timing is different so what has recently come on the market? What changes have come in their income or savings?
  3. They changed their mind and signed another year lease on their apartment. No biggie. They are in your database and should be in your drip campaign, so keep them on the back burner and provide the services that they want, when they want them.

Please let me know if you would like to see any features on Qazzoo that are not available now!


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